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Guest FAQ

1. Why should someone download the EGN app?


Answer: As a guest you can get access to every private golf course in the country without having to pay expensive initiation fees or committing to monthly dues.


2. How does the Home screen function?


Answer: The Home screen has a map that shows your GPS location and all the private golf courses near you.


3. What is the Heart for?


Answer: The heart is the “Favorite” feature. By touching the heart and making it red, this indicates that it will be one of your favorite courses. If any member posts a tee time from this course you will get a notification and have an opportunity to purchase the spot and play there as the members guest.


4. What is the “WEB” button for?


Answer: This button will take you to the clubs website. You can learn about the course history, find out about the guest policies or just get the phone number to call about the guest fees.


5. What is the Google Maps icon for?


Answer: This is to get driving directions from wherever you are to the golf course. You can also get directions just by touching on the picture of the golf course.


6. What happens in the “Available Tee-Times” section?


Answer:  All of the Tee Times posted by Hosts that are within 100 miles from you will be here. This is where you will be able to purchase a Tee Time. All Tee Times are “first come, first serve”.


7. What is “Reservations” for?


Answer: This is the section where you would find your upcoming Tee Times. It will list the Hosts name and how many Tee Times you purchased.


8. In the Reservation section, what does the 2 computer screens symbol mean?


Answer: This is the texting feature in the app. You can reach out to your Host through text and ask any vital information that you need pertaining to your upcoming match together.


9. What is the “Favorites” section for?


Answer: You can list your favorite courses here. You will have access to all of the private golf courses in the United States. You can easily access their websites and contact information. You will only be notified about an open tee time if your favorite course is within 100 miles of your location.


10. Can a guest bring a guest?


Answer: Yes, if the Host posts more than 1 tee time. The guest can purchase more than 1 tee time and bring his own guest.


11. What if I have to cancel my tee time, do I get a refund?


A. No. There are no refunds if the guest has to cancel. If the host cancels then the guest will get a full refund.


12. How much is the service fee?


A. For most of the courses the service fee is $35 and then the guest will pay the green fee when they arrive at the course.


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Echelon Golf Network

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A Host is any member of a private golf course and has the ability to bring guests. With the EGN app, you can use your country club membership to earn extra income by signing up as an EGN Host.

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Become an EGN Guest by creating your EGN profile and you will have the ability to access some of the world's best and most exclusive golf courses!

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If you are already a private country club member and want to offset your membership dues, as well as expand your social network, then sign up to become a Host with EGN.


EGN Host Benefits:

•Earn money by playing golf and using your membership.

•Play with friendly, experienced guests.

•Use earnings towards new golf equipment or to offset monthly dues.


The EGN app allows you to see all the private courses near you and the ability to purchase individual rounds of golf. A member at a country club will be your host and facilitate your access.


EGN Guest Benefits:

•Gain access to private golf courses without initiation fees.

•Gain access without expensive monthly dues.

•Gain Access to all private course, not just joining and committing to one.

•Meet new people and expand your social network.

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