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Echelon Golf’s Host to Host Reciprocal Program - for Club Members Only!


The EGN reciprocal program allows verified private club members the opportunity to contact verified private club members at other clubs and request to play at those clubs.

This program gives you the opportunity to access every course in our network that currently has at least one member at it.


While there are no guarantees they say yes, it lets you expand your social network to make new friends, business relationship and play a new course with those members.

Here’s an example of how it works:


I want to play San Gabriel Country Club, so I submit a request to the host(s) there, offering a $30 host fee on top of the guest rate for the round and using one coin.


A San Gabriel member accepts my offer, receiving the $30 plus one coin.


Because the San Gabriel member has earned a coin to request elsewhere while also being compensated for his kindness, time and generosity, he’s likely to accept the offer. The club member coming to San Gabriel is also now motivated to reciprocate and host at their club when it’s requested, to earn the coin and receive a host fee, which reimburses them for the money laid out to play San Gabriel

More info about the Host-to-Host Reciprocal Program:


Our reciprocal networks designed to meet the individual needs and wants of our members. Since not all the club members within our network are interested in playing other courses, we’ve instituted a host fee even within the reciprocal network. A request to another club will cost you 1 coin and a host fee of your choice that you offer to that member, in addition to the greens fees at that club. For now, the host fees will start as low as $15 and be capped at $50. If paying a host fee is something you’re not interested in doing, the best way to offset that cost is to host at your club for the same fee. That way, you’re not losing any money on the transaction.


Also keep in mind that if you host a few times at your own club, the service fee you’ll have earned will cover the guest fees of the round at nearly all the clubs within our network.


Disclaimer: The Echelon Golf Network is not encouraging you to violate the by-laws of your specific country club and therefore isn’t responsible if hosting violates those by-laws and puts your membership in jeopardy. If you feel accepting a host fee is in violation of your clubs by-laws, please reach out to us to discuss.


Country Club Members Sharing Guest Access with People that Have Always Wanted to Play the World's Best Courses

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A Host is any member of a private golf course and has the ability to bring guests. With the EGN app, you can use your country club membership to earn extra income by signing up as an EGN Host.

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Become an EGN Guest by creating your EGN profile and you will have the ability to access some of the world's best and most exclusive golf courses!

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The EGN app allows you to see all the private courses near you and the ability to purchase individual rounds of golf. A member at a country club will be your host and facilitate your access.


EGN Guest Benefits:

•Gain access to private golf courses without initiation fees.

•Gain access without expensive monthly dues.

•Gain Access to all private course, not just joining and committing to one.

•Meet new people and expand your social network.


If you are already a private country club member and want to offset your membership dues, as well as expand your social network, then sign up to become a Host with EGN.


EGN Host Benefits:

•Earn money by playing golf and using your membership.

•Play with friendly, experienced guests.

•Use earnings towards new golf equipment or to offset monthly dues.

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