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Host FAQ

1. Why should I become a host on the EGN app?


Answer: Becoming a host will earn you money to offset your country club dues and you can expand your social network by meeting new friends.


2. When is the best time to use the EGN app and invite a guest?


Answer: Anytime you have an opening in your group. If you’re already going to play golf and there is room in your group, why not make some extra money and meet new people?


3. How much money can you make for hosting a guest?


Answer: EGN has a profit sharing business model, the service fee from the guest is split 70% to 30% for the host. Example of $35 service fee is split $24.50 to the host and $10.50 for EGN.


4. Will the host get a 1099 for income earned?


Answer: Yes, but only if the host earns $600 or more within a calendar year. January to December.


5. What should a host convey to his guest before they play a round of golf?


Answer: The host should confirm the guest fees at his golf course such as weekend rates or weekday rates, dress codes, if caddies are required, if the guest needs to bring cash or is credit card accepted. All pertinent information necessary for his guest to be prepared.


6. How does a host get a hold of his guest?


Answer: In the reservation section where the guest name is listed is the texting feature of the app. The host and guest can send messages back and forth without giving up their private information.


7. I would like to join EGN as a host but I can’t find my country club. What should I do?


Answer: If you belong to a private golf course and it’s not on our list, send us an email with the name of it and the state it’s in and we will add it.


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A Host is any member of a private golf course and has the ability to bring guests. With the EGN app, you can use your country club membership to earn extra income by signing up as an EGN Host.

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Become an EGN Guest by creating your EGN profile and you will have the ability to access some of the world's best and most exclusive golf courses!

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If you are already a private country club member and want to offset your membership dues, as well as expand your social network, then sign up to become a Host with EGN.


EGN Host Benefits:

•Earn money by playing golf and using your membership.

•Play with friendly, experienced guests.

•Use earnings towards new golf equipment or to offset monthly dues.


The EGN app allows you to see all the private courses near you and the ability to purchase individual rounds of golf. A member at a country club will be your host and facilitate your access.


EGN Guest Benefits:

•Gain access to private golf courses without initiation fees.

•Gain access without expensive monthly dues.

•Gain Access to all private course, not just joining and committing to one.

•Meet new people and expand your social network.

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